Why did we create only card?

Because we’ve all lost countless potential clients and customers to business cards mislaid, thrown away, scribbled on paper or not written down right.

Because businesses evolved technology has changed the way we work but business cards have remained the same. In the 21st century why should I only share my name my phone number my email address? why should I rely on somebody taking the time to physically type my contact details into their phone when frankly I don’t do it for others?

With only Cod we wanted to bring business cards into the 21st century. Only card is contactless. Only card shares more than just phone number or an email address it shares content it can share video pictures brochures CV’s price lists direct links to websites and social media profiles. Only card add your contact details directly into somebody’s phone with a simple tap add connect. No more lost phone numbers. No more written down wrong. No more thrown in the bin.

Only card stays with you so it can be more premium and therefore more professional. Only card shares your contact details contactlessly and add them directly to somebody else’s phone meaning they never get lost and your number is on hand whenever someone needs you. Only cards can share all the content you want your customers to have to hand. Only card is the business card your 21st century business deserves.  

That’s why we created Only Card.

Convert more, Plant a Tree, Save Money – Only Card – Business Networking Better.

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