Launch Day

Okay, so we are probably a bit crazy launching a start-up business card company during a global pandemic, but the way we see it, the world needs Only Card now more than ever.

You are working every hour imaginable trying to keep your business going and, with interaction limited, we know that you need to make every contact that you have work harder too.

Our Only Card technology makes your business card Contactless and Reusable, saving you money and limiting your contact.

It puts, not just your contact details but also your images, brochures, price lists and videos directly into your client’s phone. Additionally, it provides ongoing direct links to your website and social media platforms, helping you create awareness, engage customers and convert more contacts into sales, all with a simple Tap, Add, Connect.

While you could choose from one of our bespoke or limited-edition designs, Only Card is also fully customisable to your company logo, designs or key brands. That gives you full control of what your card looks like, and, more importantly, presents you in the professional and impactful way your hard work deserves.

We also know that you want to do your bit for the environment, which is why, rather than cutting down trees to make our business cards, we plant them. One tree for every card we sell.

So, we are launching Only Card not just in spite of lockdown but because of it. Now more than ever businesses around the world need contactless, reusable business card that also helps save money and the planet.

Build back better, Save Money, Convert more Contacts, Help Save the World and keep you, your business and your customers safe. Ditch the paper – Go Contactless, Go Only Card.

Dan, Stu, Mat and Greg.

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