Custom Cards – Our Design House

One of the big questions we have been asked has been in regards to custom cards. “Love the concept of Only Card can we have our own design?” Of course we have already included the option of custom cards where you can upload your own images but did you know we also have a designer […]

The 2020s are better than 1980s

What are you doing still swapping business cards? It’s not the 1980s. You don’t have a massive mobile phone and a filofax. 2020 for God sake! This is the age of social media, of 24-hour fake news, of Tiktok and Instagram celebrity. Business has changed, your business cards should have to. Seriously, how many people […]

11 amazing things to do with your paper business cards

Gather them up Put them in a box Put the box in the recycling. (Seriously we’re responsible grown ups, we recycle, don’t we?)  Go to & sign up Pick your card or upload your own design Pay Wait patiently for your only card to be delivered Open your only card Start sharing your details […]

Only Card – For Free?

More great news from Only Card If saving money, converting more contacts and helping to save the planet isn’t enough for you then here is another great way that our Reusable, Contactless Business Cards can help you. If you are self-employed as a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company then our Business Cards are considered […]

Launch Day

Okay, so we are probably a bit crazy launching a start-up business card company during a global pandemic, but the way we see it, the world needs Only Card now more than ever. You are working every hour imaginable trying to keep your business going and, with interaction limited, we know that you need to […]

Only Card – Black Friday

Black Friday, how many ‘amazing offer’ emails have you received so far? 20? 30? 50? Here’s a different type of offer for you, rather than saving 25,30 or 50% on stuff you don’t need, why not choose to make some money instead? We are actively looking for an army of affiliates to sell Only Card […]

Why did we create only card?

Because we’ve all lost countless potential clients and customers to business cards mislaid, thrown away, scribbled on paper or not written down right. Because businesses evolved technology has changed the way we work but business cards have remained the same. In the 21st century why should I only share my name my phone number my […]

5 steps to converting more customers post COVID

Step 1) Ditch paper business cards – 88% get thrown away within a week of being handed over without ever being used. You don’t add other people’s details to your phone, what makes you think they are going to add your details to their phone? Step 2) Go to and get yourself an Only Card. It […]