5 steps to converting more customers post COVID

Step 1)
Ditch paper business cards – 88% get thrown away within a week of being handed over without ever being used. You don’t add other people’s details to your phone, what makes you think they are going to add your details to their phone?

Step 2)
Go to www.only-card.co.uk and get yourself an Only Card. It adds your contact details directly into someone else’s phone immediately with a simple Tap, Add, Connect. (It’s NFC not magic.) Don’t forget to add additional content like your company brochure, price list of your amazing company video.

Step 3)
Even if they don’t have an Only Card, put their contact details into your phone. I know, it takes ages to type stuff into your phone (let’s hope you don’t make a mistake). If only everyone had an ONLY CARD like you, think of the time you could save.

Step 4)
Call the contact. Guess what, when you do your name and information will come up on their phone. They will know who you are and hopefully why you are calling.

Step 5)
Sell them your product or service.

ONLY CARD #betternetworkingmoresales

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