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Only Card is a simple and effective new way to introduce your business to new customers. It is the only business card you will ever need.

88% per cent of business cards are thrown away within a week of being received (according to adobe.com). That’s a waste of your effort, your money and is harmful to the environment.

Not only that, every time you run out, you need to re-print your business cards, wasting more time, more materials, and more money that you could instead spend on advertising, marketing and promoting your business.

Only Card aims to change all that, replacing your box of 1,000 business cards with just one, bringing the humble business card in to the 21st century.

Launched by four entrepreneurs, Gregor Murray, Daniel Hinton, Stuart Humphries and Mat Linksey, Only Card has an ethical and sustainability at its heart with a pledge to plant a new tree for every card sold.

The Solution

Only Card is the only business card you need. Your customers tap the card with their own phone and have your contact details available to them.

A cloud based database allows you to update and amend your contact details anywhere and at any time, meaning you can pass on up to date information to potential customers and never miss an opportunity to make a new contact.

Only Card’s are fully customisable to your brand, instantly updateable and come without the need for costly reprints.

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The Service

Only Card is available as a yearly subscription service.

Choose to have a fully customised card with your brand colours and logo, or pick our ‘Essentials’ card which comes in a choice of eight eye catching colours and unlimited access to all Only Card features for 12 months.

After a year you can choose to renew, or upgrade your subscription.

The Features

  • One card for life
  • Contactless information sharing
  • Share more information
  • Share video, pictures and documents
  • Update anytime, anywhere

Our Pledge

Only Card is yours, it stays with you and allows you to transfer your details, not your card, to your contact.

Only Card is made from recycled paper, plastic and cardboard and most importantly, for every Only Card printed, we will plant a new tree.

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